Nursing Associate (NA) and Student Nursing Associate (SNA)

Nursing Associates (NAs) are registered healthcare professionals. In Primary Care, they assist in expanding the capacity of nursing teams. This increases the amount of complex patient care being transferred into primary care settings. 

NAs are well placed to assist with some of the routine and fundamental work of GPNs. Trainee and qualified NAs support, not substitute, registered nurses. They contribute to ongoing patient care and can recognise when it is necessary to refer to others for urgent reassessment.

There may be opportunities for further development in this role or it may also be a stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse if you decide to follow this route.

Nursing Associates are regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, to look at their standards, revalidation support and more check the NMC standards page.


Primary Care Training Hub New Roles Overview

The Primary Care Training Hub have engaged with primary care stakeholders across the Integrated Care System and identified a need to develop local resources to promote and embed the new roles available to PCNs.

Information available through the resource includes skills and competencies, training and development, job descriptions, case studies and so much more. 

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